We are protecting citizens
from harmful waste

Ecogensus is deploying break-through technology to divert waste away from the landfill and helping keep coal in the ground. Ecogensus systems can be deployed at existing waste handling sites, thermally treating the waste and converting it into a solid fuel before it ever leaves the local waste processing site. Ecogensus also enables increased recycling and net CO2 reduction.

How it Works

Divert Away
from Landfill

Ecogensus technology intercepts waste at the community level

Convert into
a Solid Fuel

Systems convert the waste into a new, patented, coal-replacement fuel

Enables Recycling
and CO2 Reduction

Recycling increases and greenhouse gases are reduced

The Model EGS-5000L Fuel Processor

A New Era for Solid Waste Management Begins Now

Ecogensus’ transportable advanced waste conversion system is designed for deployment and installation in transfer stations, recycling centers, and other facilities.

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