Carbon Reduction

Landfills are major sources of greenhouse gases, especially of methane (which is 25 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas). Ecogensus solutions can quickly divert waste from landfills and, at the same time, help keep coal in the ground by replacing coal in existing power stations and factories. Ecogensus is leading the way to significant carbon reductions in the immediate future, while continuously working to further mitigate climate change and other environmental impacts.

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Public Health – The Waste-Pathogens Nexus

Though scientists have been warning us for years, only now is there growing awareness of the nexus between waste and emerging diseases that can cause pandemics. The closer people live to natural disease harbors (like rodents), the higher the likelihood of new, emerging disease ‘jumps’ from animals to humans. Landfills become breeding grounds for zoonotic bacteria and viruses, which increases risks to animals, livestock and humans. Less landfilling means less disease.

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Circular Economy – Resource Recovery

There is value in waste, but it cannot be captured if it’s simply dumped in a landfill. Accenture estimates there is a $4.5 trillion opportunity that can be unlocked by 2030 (and $25 trillion by 2050) by creating circular business models that preserve and re-use our natural resources. Currently, Ecogensus is working to maximize re-use of waste instead of landfilling by increasing recycling and using residual waste for energy. We are just getting started.

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