At Ecogensus, your work translates into real-world results – fast. We are building systems that can solve major global problems and innovating at the leading edge of sustainable waste management. When you join Ecogensus, you are part of something much bigger than yourself – securing the world’s future – yet our mission depends on every single person’s contribution. This is why people are our most important asset. Together, we can solve this.

Working at Ecogensus

Employee Features

Charles Wright

X-Lab Operations Manager

"I have been blessed for over 25 years to have worked as a Supervisor, Manager, and Operations Manager for various Fortune 100 & 500 companies, but nothing has been more rewarding than working for Ecogensus. I started as a temp worker, where I had been working due to a previous downsizing. I knew I would have to reinvent myself from the suit, shirt, ties and the corporate atmosphere that I was accustomed to for so long. Everyday I woke up with a determination that “today is going to be an awesome day” no matter where my temp assignments may land me. Well, with that press, positive mindset and daily prayer, I was blessed to be assigned to work for Ecogensus. I would walk through the facility and dream of how I would make the facility look, feel and run. Little did I know that the many times I was working side by side with Bjørnulf the CEO, it was like an episode of “Undercover Boss” that ended up being one of the greatest blessing in this season of my life. It feels awesome to be part of an organization that is making a major impact on the preserving the earth, the place where we live, move and have our being. I fell in love with the direction of the company and wanted to be a part of this new revolutionary way of saving our planet. Keeping hope, faith and always praying, everything paid off on December 24, 2014 about 12:30 when I received the call on lunch sitting in McDonalds. It changed my life and the lives of my family. I felt like I was back on top again, but this time with a greater passion, purpose and commitment due the future of this company and the impact it will make. I enjoy being the Operations Manager, working with my team, making change, meeting people and the unlimited potential of what I can be and what Ecogensus will be. I wake every day with excitement of what can I do make this world a better place for my family and the families of others."

Melissa Granfield


"Being part of a company like Ecogensus gives me so much pride. I have worked for many companies throughout my 28-year career, but never have I worked for a company whose mission was to change the world. As we manage our way through 2020 and COVID 19 it has become clearer to me how our country cannot continue to survive in a world affected by a pandemic of this magnitude. Ecogensus has the ability to change that. I have always wanted to work for a company I could stand behind, believe in what we did, and support our mission. I am honored to be a part of the Ecogensus family – the employees exhibit commitment and dedication to each other and to their work. I am committed 110% to supporting the growth of this company and fulfilling our mission. We will change the world."

Bill Rodman

Business Development and Marketing Manager

"I’m often asked, why would an Executive Producer who spent 20+ years in sports production working at some of the most notable companies in the industry like ESPN (Walt Disney), NBC, and Emmis Broadcasting (WFAN, NY) leave the industry for a technology company that creates systems to convert waste to renewable energy? It was pretty simple, I saw the potential of this world changing technology and I wanted to make a difference on a global scale.

If you value innovation, ingenuity and infinite possibility, then Ecogensus is a place for you. We are putting an end to waste and making the world a better place. I love the variety of skills I’m able to utilize and roles I get to serve at Ecogensus. One minute I may be in the office working on a marketing campaign and the next I’m at a customer site in Europe for the installation of a commercial system. The entrepreneurial spirit is alive at Ecogensus, creative problem solving is valued and the entire team has an opportunity to make significant contributions that can shape the future of the company."

Career Areas

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Cyber-Security Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing/Production Ops
  • Environment, Safety and Health
  • Program Management
  • Technical Sales Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Public/Media Relations
  • Operations & Facilities
  • Technicians
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • Human Resources/Recruiting
  • Information Technology

Job Postings

Open Positions


Oversee staff on engineering and integration projects within the company, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule, within budget and within project specifications. Coordinate efforts among staff and ensure that effective communication exists among the various divisions or staffs involved in projects, as well as ensure resource allocation is effective, efficient and sufficient to complete the project. Regular travel to project sites is expected. Please email for a complete job description and application.


*Must have the ability to obtain a DoD security clearance. TS/SCI Preferred but minimum Secret.*

Be part of our pandemic mitigation team helping address disease outbreaks (whether bioterrorism or natural outbreaks). Strong leadership skills, ability to energize the team and build relationships. At least 10 years professional experience required, post-education. Engineering degree, Biology degree, or Physics degree preferred. Please email for a complete job description and application.


Advanced fuels work - be part of evaluating process efficiencies related to advanced alternative fuels use. Familiarity with molecular dynamics computer simulation is critical. Understanding of chemical looping combustion a plus. Please email for a complete job description and application.


On-site field work in support of systems integration into projects. Experience with electrical equipment installation and controls system required. Position consists of significant travel. Please email for a complete job description and application.