Circular Economy

Landfilling vast amounts of materials (in the form of ‘garbage’) represents an enormous lost opportunity. Most experts agree that the current linear economy is unsustainable in the face of limited natural resources, growing populations, and the need to be efficient in maximizing utility from what we create.

Ecogensus creates value from materials otherwise headed to the landfill and stimulates increases in recycling of materials as well, thus helping shift society to a circular economy.

The Reality of the
Linear Economy

The world uses more than 100 billion tons of raw material each year to generate products. Over 90% are materials extracted from the earth and more than three quarters of that are finite materials. Yet, in the end, less than a quarter of those materials become long-lasting things (like buildings or cars) and less than 10% goes back into the economy. The vast majority is dispersed into the environment, landfilled or emitted as pollution.

Ecogensus: Committed to Circular Economy

Ecogensus’ initial focus is on transitioning the municipal solid waste industry from majority landfill to majority recycle + re-use for fossil fuel replacement.

Though today it is labeled “waste” and headed to the landfill, we think it should be labeled a “resource” and be used to its fullest potential.