Defending Communities

We live and breathe community – it is the entire reason we exist.

We believe solid waste management should start by looking at community-based needs, staying mindful of public health issues and the impacts that waste can have on the environment. When there is a failure to consider the community, the effects are devastating.

Ecogensus technologies are designed to be placed at the community level and treat dirty waste. We partner with industry to ensure facilities with Ecogensus equipment are state-of-the-art critical infrastructure that protect the communities they are in.

Together, we can bring waste management into the 21st century, finally.

Protecting the
Front-Line Collections Workers

Doctors, nurses, EMS, first responders – these come to mind when people think about the “front-line”. Yet waste management is a critical industry that is part of the “front-line” as well. Ecogensus is passionate about protecting people from dirty waste and believes waste collections workers need to be protected. Immediately that means personal protective equipment for all collections workers. Next we need to look to the trucks and facilities themselves. Ecogensus is launching a campaign to protect front-line collections workers. Check back for more!

Environmental Justice

Many do not know that the environmental justice movement was born out of improper waste management practices. For too long, placement of solid waste industry facilities (especially landfills) has been in disadvantaged communities. One could argue that the entire solid waste industry has developed around an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality or the “not in my backyard” mentality. Out of whose sight though? And not in whose backyard? After all, solid waste sites do end up somewhere….