Diversity & Inclusion

“A sustainable future necessarily requires that we all work together – no sector embodies that truth more than the waste sector.”

Ecogensus’ philosophy is that all employees should have a safe, inclusive work environment where everyone is respected, treated fairly and with the highest professionalism and ethical standards.


Opportunities for our employees are created every day, and we make sure our teams are supported and given the resources they need to grow and succeed.

Opportunities are also created through our various recruitment methods, which ensures that we always have a diverse pool of talent at the ready.


We see diversity within our global teams as one of our greatest assets.

Ecogensus serves communities all around the world and it’s only fitting that our corporate community represents this. Yet we all have one common goal, to make the world a better place. It is this common goal that unites and strengthens our cause.


Our leadership team are fully engaged, committed and driven by the cause of eradicating landfill waste and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our leadership always fosters inclusion and inspires innovation, collaboration and communication. Everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas and play an important role in solutions.


Our culture is one that is welcoming and respectful at every level and to every individual.

We create environments that are free from bias and encourage contributions from all. We are inclusive in our thoughts, procedures and actions.