Economic & Workforce Impact

“Mobilizing for a mass industry modernization and manufacturing boom.”

The global solid waste market is enormous, yet is centered around an outdated disposal solution – putting garbage into the ground. Ecogensus believes this market is ripe for modernization and technology-based solutions.

Creating Jobs

The rise of the renewable energy industry has been a boon for job creation but the waste industry subsegment has not benefitted from this growth. Widespread deployment of Ecogensus systems can create significant amounts of jobs – from manufacturing and assembly of Ecogensus systems to construction jobs for improving and retrofitting facilities to ongoing facility jobs for new sites. Converting simple transfer stations to high-tech facilities will be an economic driver at a community-level all across the world.

Modernizing an Industry

Somehow the waste management industry missed out on all the modernization that has occurred in the last decades, and even centuries. Yes there are instances of new technology and improvements in the recycling industry and in the transport and route efficiency subsegments, but by and large nothing transformational has happened. The world still dumps the majority of its garbage in the ground, just like it was doing 500 years ago. This gap in development provides a huge opportunity for growth and advancement that Ecogensus is seizing.