Model EGS-5000L

Ecogensus’ transportable advanced waste conversion system, the Model EGS-5000L, is designed for deployment and installation in transfer stations, recycling centers, and other facilities.

The Model EGS-5000L is delivered to the customer ready for utility hook-up and operation, capable of processing 40,000+ pounds of garbage per day. Customers can deploy multiple units to meet their daily processing needs. The operator control system allow for ease of use, automation, and integration into a facility’s master control system where desired.

The EGS-5000L debuted in 2019
and is available for qualified customer purchase.

“Facility in a Box” – Integrated Capabilities

The EGS-5000L represents incredible system engineering achievements, incorporating maximum processing capacity and a Balance-of-Plant all within the same system. The Balance-of-Plant includes multiple subsystems, including the thermal system, electric powertrain, negative pressure system, filtration, water recovery, and controls, all within an enclosed, controlled environment. For ease of maintenance, components are carefully configured for external access. The system’s cladding consists of a series of latched doors, which can be easily opened to gain entry to a single area of the system, even while it is in operation.

Ruggedized, Transportable

Fast and efficient deployment means thinking through every customer need. Systems must be designed for handling by typical rigging equipment, to be transported within standard weight limits, and ruggedized for industrial settings. Mass deployment means logistics must be optimized.

The EGS-5000L goes above and beyond to achieve excellence in each of those categories. The heavy duty superstructure and skid-based floor can handle the harshest environments. Internal spill containment and other safety features abound. Best of all, the Model EGS-5000L systems can be transported in standard 20’ shipping containers.