Advanced Fuels

Patented Ecogensus fuels can be used in existing coal boilers as a fossil fuel replacement. With minor or no capital outlays, existing power stations and industrial facilities can see immediate shifts away from coal use.

Ecogensus fuel has been recognized by power companies and industrial customers as class-leading and a game-changer. They have recognized Ecogensus fuel as operationally being the closest substitute for coal they have ever seen, yet enabling reductions in pollution and reduced carbon emissions.

Bridging the Gap

Ecogensus fuel helps bridge the technical challenges faced by operators focused on reducing coal combustion. Unlike other alternative fuels that require enormous capital outlays to switch from coal (and thus are dependent on difficult and slow measures such as government subsidies), Ecogensus fuel is designed to work in coal combustion plants with little or no capital outlays.

Technological Breakthrough

Ecogensus fuel is the result of a technological breakthrough that plays a critical role in advancing the power industry to alternative fuels (and the waste industry away from landfilling).

The proprietary Ecogensus process and equipment are able to improve the physical and chemical characteristics of organic waste to enable better fuel handling and combustion.

Ecogensus’ patented fuel, in typical coal chunk sizes, produced entirely from average, residual U.S. composition of household/municipal solid waste.