How We Partner With Industry

Ecogensus creates a new intersection between the solid waste industry and the energy industry. By converting residual waste into a solid fuel that can be handled as a commodity, transported in existing infrastructure (such as railcars or ships), and used to replace coal in existing power plants and industrial facilities, Ecogensus is enabling a new era of sustainable waste management.

Solid Waste Industry

Ecogensus systems are ruggedized and designed for placement within the existing waste management infrastructure or simple (warehouse-style) new builds. Model EGS-5000L systems can be placed at a transfer station, a Materials Recovery Facility/MRF, a warehouse, or even at the landfill. The EGS-5000L then directly ‘replaces’ the landfill, by processing and converting the waste to a fuel.

Energy Industry

Ecogensus fuel is designed to replace coal, including for large volume users such as coal power stations. Ecogensus works with strategic developers, licensees and industry partners, who in turn can aggregate supply from multiple facilities. Ecogensus has deep expertise in combustion and plant conversion to alternative fuels. We support fuel customers in their evaluation and transition-planning processes as well as enhancing plant operations and improving efficiency.