What Drives Us

What Drives Us

At Ecogensus, we are innovators, fighters, and we care about the world. Innovators – because we are working to change an archaic industry. Fighters – because entrenched interests and the status quo are forces that resist change. Caring about the world – because it takes passion and true belief to do what we do.

Our mission is quite simply to provide solutions that empower customers in the waste and energy industries.

Our drive is defending communities – that is what sustainable waste management is all about. Whether it’s environmental, public health, or national security threats that arise out of dirty waste, we are committed to protecting people using science and engineering.

Things we take very, very seriously

Protecting People – this is a central part of our entire existence and purpose as a company. We believe the waste management industry is fraught with negative externalities - costs that are being suffered by people (read: everyone) who are not directly involved in the industry. We’re fighting to change that.

Integrity – sadly, it is an overused term but we really do mean it. As a company we are working to enact global change, and that does not work if our people cannot be trusted to do the right thing, in every circumstance (even when no one is watching). We look for integrity when we recruit, bring on supply partners, and work with customers. We are the first to admit, sometimes it takes a while to see the real person you are dealing with. At the moment we discover a lack of integrity, we stop working with someone. Fortunately, there are a lot of good people out there. There’s no sense wasting time with the bad apples.

Passion – without passion, at the end of the day, it slowly becomes about collecting a paycheck. And a paycheck is not nearly enough to get people out of bed each day to fight for global change. We are a company built of people who go above and beyond because they care about what we are doing. Each one of our team members, suppliers, and customers could easily be doing something else – they are talented, accomplished people. They are choosing to be at Ecogensus, or work with us, because they want to go to bed each night proud that they are doing their part to fix a major global problem.

What we're all about

Serina Julien

Human Resources Manager

“I am more than just an employee at Ecogensus, I am a part of a big plan! Ecogensus is built on integrity and respect - these are core values that are important to me and I feel extremely fortunate to be able to shape those qualities at Ecogensus, where we are committed to excellence and continuous improvement, not just for those that work at the company, but for a global community. As someone who has worked for government bodies helping to stop fraud, I was naturally drawn to Ecogensus because I am passionate about making a change and doing what is right, that will benefit everyone.

As a company we have a mission to put an end to waste, and we are working on doing this through innovation, ethical practices, and professionalism. We believe in the importance of collaboration and shared leadership. We stand firm in these beliefs, which enable us to be stronger with our actions of creating change and making a real difference in the area of waste, pollution and disease. We value diversity and are committed to equality for all with a steadfast belief that our differences make us resilient, effective and dynamic.”