Our Technologies


Ecogensus’ current flagship product, the EGS-5000L, debuted in 2019.

It is designed for installation in transfer stations, recycling centers, and other facilities for processing and conversion of residual waste.

EGS-5000L systems are designed to be delivered to the customer inside standard 20’ shipping containers and are then ready for utility hookup.

The EGS-5000L is capable of processing 40,000+ pounds of garbage per day.

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Industry-Leading Engineered Fuels

Ecogensus advanced fuels are in a class of their own. Recognized by power companies and industry experts across the world, Ecogensus proprietary fuels are designed to be used in existing infrastructure (such as power plants and coal boilers). Switching to Ecogensus fuel enables customers to replace coal, increase their portfolio’s renewable content, reduce other pollutants associated with coal (such as various heavy metals) and enjoy operational excellence and combustion efficiency due to the high quality of our patented fuels.

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Ecogensus’ patented fuel, in typical coal chunk sizes, produced entirely from average, residual U.S. composition of household/municipal solid waste.

Advanced Processing Solutions

A key part of the circular economy is the ability to apply principles from the process industry to re-use a wide variety of waste materials, converting or reconstituting them into new products. Ecogensus has years of experience innovating in the process manufacturing field and offers a growing portfolio of resource recovery solutions, all aimed towards reducing dependence on virgin raw materials, reducing waste or improving the quality of lower value products.

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