What We Do

Our Technologies


The EGS-5000L marries break-through science and practical engineering to deliver a shippable, deployable, fully integrated processing system for waste.

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Engineered Fuel

Industry-leading Ecogensus fuel maximizes energy content through thermal upgrading and engineers the fuel for operational considerations such as use in existing power plant infrastructure. All that, with substantial GHG savings.

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Advanced Processing Solutions

Ecogensus is emerging as an industry leader in applying processing solutions to the resource recovery industry.

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Our Capabilities


Ecogensus is engineering our way to solve the global waste crisis. We bring together multiple disciplines in order to design the best solutions and support our customers.

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& Production

At Ecogensus, we design solutions that address major global challenges and that’s where production and advanced manufacturing capabilities come in.

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Combustion Science
& Power Infrastructure

Ecogensus has developed the knowledge and capability to support our customers throughout the transition to our coal-replacement fuels.

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