About Us

Ecogensus is leading the charge in waste management. Our goal is to one day end landfills entirely. At the heart of our mission is defending communities, because ultimately that’s what sustainable waste management is about. Ecogensus is currently in the first phase of its strategy, starting with rolling out the game-changing Model EGS-5000L system. Our current technologies focus on treating waste and maximizing re-use of materials for recycling and energy production.

What We’re All About

We are committed to the defense of communities against environmental and public health threats posed by the current waste management infrastructure. We believe human ingenuity can solve these problems but we need to be purpose-driven to implement our game-changing solutions. In doing so, we are unwavering in our values and only tolerate the highest of ethics in everyone we deal with. Ecogensus is focused on creating a family of people (whether employees, contractors, suppliers or customers) who are passionate and fighting for change. Please read about how we’re doing things differently.

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Other companies say it. We do it. In fact, community is at the heart of everything Ecogensus does and is about - literally. Our entire business model is built to enable communities to take control of their waste management concerns. Our technologies are designed to be safely deployed in the community, for the community.

We believe sustainability and public health should be built around community-based solutions.

Given this, we view communities as our ultimate customer and seek to engage with them hand-in-hand to listen to their needs and empower them with advanced technologies.

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  • Protecting the Front line - Waste Collections Workers
  • Building from the birth of the Environmental Justice Movement
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Diversity & Inclusion

Ecogensus believes diversity and inclusion are principles that are fundamental to the success of our purpose. These are not just nice words to say on a website. The U.S. environmental justice movement was born out of injustices related to landfill placement. Diversity principles are critical to the success of our disruption of an archaic industry and the advancement of our community-based approach.

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Economic & Workforce Impact

Somehow both the Industrial Revolution and the Technology Revolution missed most of the waste management industry. In the medieval era, people made middens (landfills/dumps) where they dumped their waste and then covered it with dirt. Still today the majority of the world’s waste faces the same disposal fate. By bringing deployable, distributed advanced technologies and integrating it into the existing waste management framework, we begin moving the industry into the 21st century. Doing so has the potential for massive economic stimulation and job creation. Ecogensus is leading a new manufacturing and engineering revolution built around the several hundred billion dollar annual waste market.

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